Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New Equestrian Fiction: Show Barn Blues

The newest novel in my equestrian line-up.
Ready for a new read? Just in time for... fall? Is that a thing to be just in time for? Anyway, just in time for you to read, I have new equestrian fiction for you!

Show Barn Blues is my latest horse book for grown-ups, a story about surviving in the horse business, the changing nature of our countryside, boarding stable drama, and our connections with our horses. It's a story full of characters anyone who has ever stepped foot inside a barn will recognize. It's a story about horse-people.

From the back cover, here's what Show Barn Blues is all about:

Grace has built her life on show horses. It's been a good life, too -- she mounts her wealthy students on European warmbloods, competes her horses on Florida's rigorous A-circuit, and runs the nicest barn in the neighborhood. Then, suddenly, it's the only barn in the neighborhood. 

As Grace's country town becomes a sun-drenched playground of pools and golf courses, she vows that no bulldozer will ever touch her farm. With her neighbors selling their farms and moving to more isolated corners of Florida, she finds herself fighting off land-hungry developers alone -- until Kennedy comes along. 

Kennedy is everything Grace doesn't want around her bustling show barn -- a pleasure rider who would rather wander in the woods than tackle a show-jumping course. Kennedy might make for an unlikely sidekick, but she's just the inspiration Grace needs to fight back against the developers who want to bulldoze her corner of Floridian wilderness -- and, eventually, against the wilderness itself.

I really think that you'll enjoy this novel, and the first reviewers back me up on this:

You are one of a very few authors who "get" what makes horse-people tick.
-Amazon review

If you like equestrian fiction -- or any fiction with a helluva good story -- this book will satisfy, and then some. 
-Amazon review 

Show Barn Blues also holds a place in the Ambition universe. If you're looking for more Jules, I'm working on the sequel to Ambition now -- but you'll find that Show Barn Blues is connected to her story as well.

You can find Show Barn Blues as an ebook at Amazon right now, with a paperback edition coming next week. If you're a member of Amazon Prime, you can borrow the ebook for free.

I hope you'll take a look and let me know what you think!

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