In a world that has forgotten the ancient bond between horses and humans, can one girl's dreams make people remember? 

Sahara travels with her clan in a future, barren environment where recyclables are bartered for sustenance, and few remember horses or their connection to humans. But Sahara has recurring dreams of riding astride on magnificent animals that run like the wind. At the Gardener's Camp, she discovers a valuable book and learns that her visions are real. But how can she persuade others of the ancient bond between horses and humans, when she is labeled just a foolish girl? 
When Sahara discovers a helpless young horse, she must use both her courage and inborn knowledge to keep the animal safe, convince others of the true worth of horses, and learn the secret of her real identity. Purchase Link


Every racehorse must one day retire from the track, and for Tiger, that day has come. 

Alex isn't ready for Tiger's career to end, but he's the least of her worries right now. Her reputation is under attack from animal rights groups who believe she's responsible for the horrible abandonment of racehorses in the swamps of south Florida. With Alexander fearing for her safety, Alex finds herself exiled from the racetrack. 
Soon, she and Tiger are both bored, angry, and in serious need of a distraction. A Thoroughbred makeover event can give them new purpose together, but Alex realizes she's competing for more than just a blue ribbon. This horse show could make -- or break -- her future in racing. Purchase Link


Jacqui is struggling to cope with the return of Matty and not having a pony.  

As she comes to grips with this, her friend Hannah plants the seed of asking to lease another pony. As Jacqui battles to find the courage to ask her parents, she finds God has already provided a means for her to secure a dream pony. But is it still a dream if you keep falling off and lose your confidence?
Jacqui King finds that getting her dream pony isn't all she expected and now she has to learn persistence. That's not all she?s learning with her new pony, learning how to hit the ground and get back up is also necessary. Does she really want this?  Purchase Link


They say there's no harm in trying.  Or is there?

Cory Iverson has her sights set on riding in the prestigious Washington International Horse Show--a tall order for even the most experienced competitors.  Problem is, she doesn't even own a horse.  But there's an even bigger problem: she's a quitter.  Not a casual quitter, but a hard-core, serial, when-the-going-gets-tough quitter.  This all starts to change, however, when the opportunity arises to rescue the perfect horse from slaughter and work with an experienced trainer who has the means to get her there.  If she stays the course.
But Cory discovers the road to qualifying for Washington is littered with roadblocks when she finds herself surrounded by problems outside her control: prescription painkillers appear in her mother's purse; her ballerina sister wastes away before her eyes; her boyfriend is keeping secrets from her; and her normally opinionated trainer becomes strangely evasive. Worst of all, the horse show world proves to be full of dangers, including an unscrupulous trainer headed for the same show who will stop at nothing to win, including killing. Unless Cory quits.  Purchase Link

¡Viva Cañonero!

In the days leading up to the 1971 Kentucky Derby, Cañonero II was an unknown horse with a Venezuelan trainer who spoke only Spanish. The Derby "experts" laughed when an exercise rider brought the horse onto the track with no saddle or stirrups. The laughter promptly ended when Cañonero II charged to the front from nearly 20 lengths back to win the Derby, followed by a front-running Preakness victory in track-record time. In recounting Cañonero II's quest to become the first Triple Crown winner since Citation, award-winning turf historian Milt Toby tells the compelling story of how one man's wildly improbable dream became the dream of a nation, and how a bargain-basement yearling with a crooked front leg became the "people's horse."
Cañonero II is one of six semi-finalists for the Dr. Tony Ryan Book Award honoring the best book about Thoroughbred racing published in 2014. Three finalists for the award will be named on March 17, and the winner will be announced on April 15.   Purchase Link

A horse trainer, juvenile delinquent, eccentric client of a certain age with electric blue hair, and a (possibly) psychic horse 

lead this Southern equestrian mystery into a fast paced, lightly comic read. Join Cat Enright and her crew as she tries to solve murder and mayhem at a prestigious all-breed horse show in Tennessee. When horses become ill and a show-goer’s last hurrah is in the port-a-potty, Cat decides to find the cause of the trouble. Contains a reader guide, glossary, and recipe. The Magnum Equation is the second in the multi-award-winning Cat Enright series. Purchase Link


Sasha’s love of horses has been the only constant during her turbulent life in care. 

When a failed adoption placement results in yet another move, she ends up at Kingfishers – a farm where Joe and Beth train troubled horses. To Sasha, this seems like the perfect place to live. But she can’t stay. Joe and Beth are adamant about that. They have only agreed to take her for a little while, and they only did that reluctantly.

Can Sasha persuade them to change their minds and let her stay forever? And can she do it before her social worker finds her another home – one without horses? Purchase Link


Saying goodbye to the horses they love has become a way of life for Marley and her sisters, who train and sell show jumpers to make their living. 

Marley has grand ambitions to jump in Pony of the Year, but every good pony she’s ever had has been sold out from under her to pay the bills.

Then a half-wild pinto pony comes into her life, and Marley finds that this most unlikely of champions could be the superstar she has always dreamed of. As Marley and Cruise rise quickly to the top of their sport, it seems as though her dreams of winning the Pony of the Year might come true after all.

But her family is struggling to make ends meet, and as the countdown to Pony of the Year begins, Marley is forced to face the possibility of losing the pony she has come to love more than anything else in the world.

Can Marley save the farm she loves, without sacrificing the pony she can’t live without? Purchase Link

The honeymoon’s over. 

Erica and Lawrence are happy in their little world, training horses and shacking up in their rented home. Then Lawrence's mother shows up unexpectedly after a seven-year absence, raising many questions in Erica's mind. But her visit is only the first in a string of seismic events that shake up Erica’s world. 

The arrival of two ex-polo phenoms - who happen to be exes of Lawrence - changes everything. While Erica battles disapproval from her friends and family members, Lawrence is out practicing and cultivating Team Dark Horse with the petite, vicious French star Yvette and neurotic, supermodel-esque Courtney. 

With Lawrence pursuing his dream, Erica is left to face grueling fourteen-hour days and the loss of her place in the world of A-circuit horse shows. And a move to Wellington, Florida, the horse capitol of the nation, brings even more scrutiny and reveals a wealth of women with their eye on her man. 

Will love prevail, or will it all prove to be too much? It’s time to face the music, and not just for Erica. Lawrence must also face facts, when the truth about his past identity - and absentee A-list dad - is revealed. 

Can romance stand up to real life? Nothing is certain. Purchase Link

Suspense, romance, ghostly happenings – and horses.

The ponies Corrine loves are for sale, the gift she doesn't understand and can't control is getting her into trouble, and it seems as if she can't get anything right. Then Luca, the boy every girl wants to know, singles her out. 

Corinne realises that you don't have to be a loner just because you don't run with the herd – and that friendship can come from the most unexpected quarters.
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