Monday, September 7, 2015

Loving Horse Blogs

by Christine.

It has come to my attention that I don't spend enough time as an author, raising awareness of my books and websites.  I used to regularly read horse blogs and comment on posts of interest (there were a lot!).  For most blogs, when you comment you can provide a link to your website.  In this way, I raised the profile of my blog Equus Education.

I am now focusing on being able to do this with both Horse Country and the Free Rein series.  The first focus point has been creating blog hops and taking part in others.  A search online for horse related blog hops brought up some great results - and a lot of horse blogs worth following!

So here's the question - do you follow blogs online?  And if so, what horse blog would you say you couldn't do without keeping updated on?

As an author, how do you raise the profile of your books online?

I have recently discovered BlogLovin' as a source of staying updated on blogs as new posts are written.  Perhaps it is a platform that may work for you?

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