Monday, August 8, 2016

The End Decision is Yours

In late June I finished writing the first draft of my soon to be released novel for adults, B and B.  I have had an acquaintance in Canada read and edit it for me and have been thankful for his feedback.  The majority of corrections and suggestions he made, I took on.

It is so helpful to have another pair (or pairs!) of eyes go over your work.  They can point out inconsistencies, spelling errors or grammatical errors.  On top of this, they can let you know if your story flows or in some spots, just doesn’t make sense.

This feedback can only help you to improve your story as you make corrections and adjustments.  Some things you may decide to leave as they are, despite a suggestion.  As the author who self publishes, this is completely your choice!

It was easy for me to take recommendations from this editor – mainly because I agreed with where he was coming from.

When it came to the design of my cover, however, I found myself struggling to take on others’ advice.  I designed one cover and just wasn’t happy with it.  After sitting on the design for a few days, I had an idea on how to change the cover and make it more appealing.

The end result was 5 different designs that I opted to put onto my Facebook page in an album and see what people thought.  I was so relieved when the majority liked the 1 that I thought would make my cover!

Belladonna has a Cover I Love!
As more people liked or commented, I was surprised to find two close friends preferred the first cover I had designed and not been happy with.

On top of this, I received feedback from an author that none of the covers worked for her.  An auntie commented that she didn’t like them either and my husband, well, he’s always brutally honest with me!

So suddenly for a cover that I thought had been picked by the majority as the best, perhaps it was just the least unappealing?  Whether an eBook or a paperback, a book cover draws in readers.  I read the blurb to see if I want to read a story, but a good cover can really draw me in.

Although the decision is ultimately mine, I am now faced with the daunting task of deciding on my book cover.  Do I go with the one that the majority chose, or do I redesign to find something more fitting for those who didn’t like the options at all?  Choices, choices…

What book cover has most caught your attention?

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