Monday, July 11, 2016

Co Authoring Horse Stories

Perhaps it’s your desire to break into the world of writing horses, but you’re not sure where to start.  Or you’d like to do something different to further your writing career and attract a different group of readers.  Have you considered collaborating with another author?

I have recently finished reading City of Angels, which was a free download on Kindle.  It was appealing because of one author Tracie Peterson – I really enjoy her works!  I am not unfamiliar with James Scott Bell, either.  These two Christian authors have worked together to bring this story to life and I really enjoyed the read!  From having finished this novel, I would be tempted to look into other works by James Scott Bell, because of my interest in novels by Tracie Peterson.

Co Authoring Horse Stories: What do you think?
If two horse authors have a readership base, chances are some of these fans may overlap, but many won’t.  Particularly if you write about different aspects of horses – children’s books, teen stories, adult novels, equestrian, racing – whatever it is, you may find that co authoring a novel is a way for you to each compliment the other author's writing and grow your readership base.  Food for thought!

With access to many people over the internet, working together on a story wouldn’t necessarily need to be done in person.  As long as communication lines are kept open, authors may find that they can develop ideas for a plot, themes and characters via email or chat.

An added bonus could be that two creative minds can develop a strong story that is entertaining and informative with a unique twist.  And when it comes to marketing the story, there will be two lots of ideas about what works for gaining interest!

What novel have you read and enjoyed that was co authored?

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