Monday, June 13, 2016

Creating an Author Mailing List

by Christine.

A great way to be able to build up followers of your books is to generate a mailing list.  Fans of your book/s can sign up and receive updates as you develop as an author.  This can be particularly beneficial if you plan to write more than one novel, or establish a series.

My debut novel was a standalone novel aimed at young adults wanting to get into the horse industry.  Shortly after the release of Horse Country, an idea formed for a series for the younger reader.

Because I have an author mailing list, those keen to know about the latest releases for the Free Rein series can provide their email address and subscribe to Christine Meunier Author News.  It’s then up to me to keep them informed!

Encourage Readers to Sign Up to Your Mailing List

Once you’ve created a mailing list, you can choose how often to contact your readers: 

  • monthly
  • seasonally
  • whenever you have news

The choice is yours but it’s a great way to keep fans informed and let them know the latest news first – before you release things on your website, before you update your Facebook page and before a book is available for sale.  It’s up to you how you utilise your mailing list, but this can be a great way to keep a collection of contact details for people who are interested in buying your books.

If you provide them with the option (and link) to preorder your latest release or to give a review in exchange for an advanced copy of your planned release or to received an autographed copy of your novel/s, mailing lists can be a great way to attract fans to your readership.

The best bit is you can establish such lists for free or at a minimal cost.  I make use of MailChimp and have read many references to AWeber.  Do your research but be proactive – set up a mailing list, design a campaign and be sure to let your fans know that you want to keep them informed, if only they’ll sign up!

You can easily provide a link where people can go to sign up and direct them to this from your Twitter account, Facebook page, personal website or any other social media means.  Alternatively, you can create a pop up that encourages visitors to your site to enter their email address and sign up.

Once the mailing list is created, you receive notifications any time there is a new sign up.  You can even provide an automated response that thanks them via email for their sign up – and this email can provide them with a personal message from you, a link to where they can download a book for free or something else of your choosing.  Show your fans you appreciate them providing their contact details!

Have you signed up to your favourite author's mailing list?

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