Monday, May 16, 2016

Don’t Rush the Publish Date

In the age of electronic publishing, it can be too tempting to rush the publishing process.  I have read many kindle copies of books that were poorly edited with shocking grammar and spelling issues.  This is distracting and will greatly affect a rating I provide to a book.

Does it bother you?

As an author, it can be tempting to go ahead and make a book live for purchase because we feel it is finished.  Consider asking yourself first:

  • Have I had it edited?
  • Have I read it through in the format it is available for sale?
  • Have I tested how the pages / images view in the available format?
  • Can I have another set of eyes read it prior to making it public?
Have you designed a book cover, written a blurb?

A poorly prepared novel can fail with sales, in spite of being a great story.  Don’t let impatience trick you into releasing a book before it’s had the final finishing touches applied.  Practice patience!

If you find that you have announced a release date and the book isn’t ready for this date, don’t publish it anyway.  Make the necessary apologies to eager readers / fans and work to make the book available as soon as possible, in a finished state.

As you're creating a story, are you considering all that you will need to do to provide it in a finished state?
  •  a completed story
  • book cover design
  • ASIN or ISBN generation
  • a blurb
  • copyright page
  • author page
  • foreword
There are many things that need to be included with a novel, don't overlook them! :)

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