Monday, April 18, 2016

Seeking Reviews for (New) Releases

by Christine.

It’s exciting to release a new novel – all of your invested time, hard work and research has come together!

It can be disappointing to release your book and find that nothing is then happening; people may be reading, but you aren’t seeing any feedback in the form of reviews.  Seeking reviews for your novel can be a great way to increase anticipation of a story, to give you feedback and to gain new readers.

My Debut Novel, Horse Country
If you have the patience and organisation to be able to send out review copies prior to your book’s release date, you can be rewarded with reviews on the date, or even before the book is available for sale.  This can be a great way to build interest and boost sales.

Alternatively, you can set a competition (on your website, Goodreads or Facebook page) and provide free copies to a limited number of readers on release date on the condition that they provide an honest review.

If approaching people about reviews, consider:
-         Have they reviewed other books in a similar genre?
-         Are they likely to enjoy your story?
-         Do they ‘consume’ books, resulting in a quick review after you’ve provided the story to read?
-         Will they post on mediums you require, e.g. Goodreads, Amazon, LibraryThing, a personal website?

Many readers love to receive a book prior to it’s release date and will work hard to have it read and reviewed for you as an author, in time for your much anticipated release.  Consider the value that seeking out reviews can provide for your latest release – or even an older release that needs a boost!

What book have you had the privilege of reading prior to release day?  Interested in reading Christine's next adult horse fiction due for release in 2016? Leave a message!


  1. This is excellent advice, Christine! I am filing this post away into my things to remember for the sequel file! Also, I would be happy to review a copy of your next adult horse fiction book prior to release in 2016. I love supporting fellow equestrian authors. Happy writing!

  2. Hi Carly!

    Glad the post was helpful to you! I will definitely chase you up once B and B is ready for reading and reviewing! :)