Friday, October 23, 2015

Side Hobbies

As a side effect of growing up in a remote area, I always had a disproportionate number of hobbies. As a creative type, it took me years to lock down just one (or even a few) artistic mediums. I drew a lot in my younger years, making cards for friends and family and even going so far as to include a hand-drawn comic on the back of each letter my penpal and I exchanged. I also did a lot of singing and songwriting (a pleasant side effect of having all that peace and quiet), but that all fell by the wayside when I realized I really didn't love performing my songs in bars and other venues. I would have enjoyed song writing behind the scenes, but I didn't feel I was dedicated enough to break into the music industry. For better or worse, my creative drive was somewhat tempered by the fact that I didn't have an end goal. As an anxious person, I clearly function better when I feel I am moving forward and not spinning my wheels.

I happen to be a longtime collector of model horses, and I got into model horse painting around 10 years ago. I enjoy recreating different colors and patterns, especially when it comes to the fine detail work. I love taking a blank model and searching for the perfect color that will really do the sculpture justice. 

Work in progress: "Highland Heather" resin sculpture by Hilary Hurley in silver dapple

I recently made it a point to get back to model painting, finishing one model that had been a "work in progress" for far too long and starting on another. I'm happy I resurrected this particular hobby, and I even have plans to attend a model horse show in November. If all goes well, I'll qualify some of my horses for Nationals and start planning another road trip to Kentucky. 

In addition, I've been trying my hand at nature photography. I don't have a fancy camera, but I live in a beautiful area with lots of wilderness areas close at hand, and I like to think I have a decent eye. As a bonus, I like to scope out thrift stores and yard sales for nice wood frames, framing my favorite photos and adding a personal touch to my decor. 

A couple of my favorites

What are some of your favorite hobbies outside of writing?

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