Monday, July 13, 2015

Don't Ignore Ideas

by Christine

As you would have read in an earlier post, I have an idea for a new adult novel about a young woman who moves to a tropical island to be with her husband, and imports horses to the island to start a business.  I am excited about this idea for a story, and yet have found myself starting a new adult novel, regarding horses.

As a writer, I believe it is important to follow through with ideas and writing momentum as it happens.  It is however, also important to set yourself a writing goal.  This could be, for example, a goal to write a chapter a week, or a certain number of pages a day.

I keep in line with this, making sure I write what I have decided to do, but if I have an idea and find that I am writing more (or a different story), then this is important to go with, too.  Any time you find that you have an idea that flows, it is in your interest to get it written!

So whilst I am working on my tropical island story, I have also found that a new novel I didn't intend to write, has already started to write itself.  This is in the form of 50 pages over two weeks.  I am excited about this new story, even though I didn't plan on writing it!

As a writer, what project are you excitedly writing that you didn't plan?

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