Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Howdy Hi! Greetings from Alison Hart

Me younger and friskier
I'm starting with the most important thing about me: I am getting old. Not in spirit but in energy.  I  used to wrangle three horses, four dogs, five cats, a husband, two kids, laundry, dinner, yard work, stall mucking, class teaching, editor soothing, stink bug squashing and finishing a book by deadline all without breaking a sweat.  

What the hell happened? 

My kids moved out, I whittled the pets down to five, I stopped riding, I quit teaching, I write one book a year instead of five, my garden shrunk to a plot, and I bought the largest John Deere I could afford.  Yup, you gotta get smarter as you get older.

The second thing about me you can guess from the above: all my accomplishments are in the past. And that's fine.  I am happy to pass the baton to eager authors who have the energy for writing, revising, querying, marketing, tweeting, twittering, Facebooking. Linked Ining, and crying over rejections.
Me now (Any resemblance to a famous cat is purely coincidental

Been there done that.   So I could talk about the sixty books I have written, or the forty-two years I taught school, or winning the Kentucky Derby when I was thin (okay, you guessed that's a big fib) or I can just say, I am honored to be included as a member of a blog that talks about writing and riding and promoting and getting excited about the next book when really, I am doing none of those things!

So howdy hi! 


  1. Alison! *waves* You finally got a post up! Welcome! I'll just have to jump in (since you won't) and say Alison is the author of Shadow Horse, and its sequel Whirlwind (great novels) as well as some Horse Diaries, and lots and lots more horse books for kids. Go check out all of her works on Amazon. Alison, we are very glad you are part of Horse Crossings, and look forward to your posts in the future. Now go pet Grumpy Cat for me, and rest up. :-)

  2. Alison, you are not alone! LOL Weeding out the hard stuff as we get older is an important part of enjoying getting older. Great post!